"Metro league" Fall basketball information

What is it?

This FM based basketball league has teams for PCS boys ages 3rd - 8th grade and girls 3rd - 5th grade.  The league plays two games each Saturday from October 26th to December 14th for the 2019 season. This is in addition to the 4-6th grade regular season of basketball PCS has had for many years. Teams from across the FM metro area from participating schools and complete against each other each Saturday. 
More information about the FM metro league is found on their website at: 


1. Signup here: (closed)

2. The ask is for parents to simply join the PCS Athletic club (boosters) at: https://falconboosters.org/Join-Today The PCS Athletic club will in-turn submit payment for all teams to play in the league.

3. Uniforms: Each player will need to purchase their own jersey. Please contact Christy Jacobson for payment.  

Where: Playing locations: http://www.fmybl.com/locations/ 


The current practice schedule can be found here: practice schedule.xlsx


- Each team will be asked to help cleanup the gym at the end of games each Saturday typically around 3pm.  Cleanup schedule:

Nov 9 - 4&5th Boys
Nov 16 - 4th Girls
Nov 23 - 3rd Boys
Dec 7 -  6th Boys
Dec 14 - 7&8 Boys

- Each team will also be able to register in the PCS Tournament of Champions January 24, 25 as well as 1 other tournament of the team's choice. 

Contact Ryan at boosters@falconboosters.org with questions.


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